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Dedicated to Precision


Prof. Ilan Halachmi

PhD. Head, Lab. For Precision livestock farming (PLF)

Founder and head of the Precision livestock farming (PLF) Lab. in the Volcani Institute, Israel.

BSc and MSc Engineering degrees from the Technion (Haifa), and BGU Univ. Israel. PhD from Wageningen UR, the Netherlands. PLF section editor in Animal - the International Journal of Animal Biosciences.  

Founder and 1st president of the EAAP’s PLF study commission. Adjunct professor for computer simulation in BGU.

Book: Halachmi (2015) 'Precision livestock farming applications; Making sense of sensors to support farm management , over 80 research papers about PLF (Scholar ), 9 EU Projects,  and 8 PLF patents .
Ilan was raised up in a livestock family farm, where nowadays he raises hobby farm (horses, lambs; chickens)., wife and 4 kids.

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Assaf Godo

System engineer

Systems R&D engineer
Bringing together 2 interests - livestock and technology.


Alon Bar-shamai

Research student

M.Sc Data science student

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Joseph Lepar

International agriculture consultant

International agriculture consultant specialized in goats and sheep


Noam Bergman

Research student

Specializing in the domain of Image-processing, Computer-vision and Deep-learning algorithm development.
Active research in the field of bovine PLF using deep learning algortihms to predict cows feeding and social behaviour.


Ron Bernstein

Robotic researcher

Having great passion for agricultural robotics. I believe that agricultural robots have the potential to increase food production while reducing world hunger for social good. Other benefits for agricultural robots include reduced pesticides application, reducing water usage, better and productive use of human skills, reduced health risks for human in the field, and much more. For more info, please visit

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May saar

AI Research Student

M.Sc Data science student, Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management


Almog Hitelman

AI Research Student

M.Sc Data science student, Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management

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Tom Lev-ron

Algorithms Research M.Sc. student

Currently pursuing a M.Sc. in Electro-optics engineering with specialization in computer vision. Tom research touches a wide spectrum of fields: audio classification, computer vision, feature extraction, neural networks, machine learning and more. All for the purpose of developing algorithms, signal processing solutions, and machine learning systems for the lab projects.


Adi Golan

AI Research Student

M.Sc Computer Science student, Haifa University.
B.Sc in Computer Science, specialized in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Signal Processing.

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