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Selected Projects

EU-FACCE: OptiBarn

2015-2017: Optimised animal-specific barn climatisation, in the face of rising temperatures and increased climate variability. European research grants.

Free Range Chicken Farm
Cow and Calf


monitor and mentor research scientists early in their careers, to equip them to take part in future RTD activities in a whole food chain approach to meat quality and safety. European research grants.

Kandel Center of expertise - PLF application

2017-2019: Development of livestock profitability enhancement through real-time monitoring and applications supporting decisions. The development takes the applications from academia to commercial products. Supported by a large scale fund

Dairy Farm


Applying new electronic sensors to create animal condition scoring protocols for the automated measurement of health and welfare traits. European research grants

Two Sheep
Farmer with Cow


2013-2016: Bright Farm by Precision Livestock Farming. European research grants

Bio business

Pastoral Scene
Sheep Farm

EU FreeWalk Project

2017-2020: European research grants; ERA-NET SUSAN Project

Estimating heifer height and body mass using 3D camera

Pastoral Scene
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